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I originally purchased a fidget device to help support a local business and to see if it actually would help any of my personal anxiety.   I'm willing to try anything that's not a pill.  After I bought this home and set it on my night stand I noticed it went missing and figured I just misplaced it. A couple months go by and my son had a major anxiety attack while away from home.  We asked him if there was anything we could do to help him.  He mentioned that he wished he had this wooden magnet fidget device.  After all these months I never knew he was using it around the house and it made him feel better.  Once I heard that I knew I needed to get more of these devices to have at home, in the car and in his school bag.  Currently have three of them and my son loves them all.  I would definitely recommend this device to anyone looking for a chance to help a child or yourself out. He also thinks it's really cool cause no one else has anything like it :).  Great product, great customer service, hand made right here in Michigan.  FYI My son plays pretty rough with some of his toys and we haven't broken any of these devices yet.   -Tim

These spinners are a true delight. They are a one-of-a-kind blend of my favorite deep-Earth power (magnetism), simple timeless materials (wood), and human input (momentum). I first stumbled upon them at a humble vending table on the outskirts of a music festival in Michigan. Immediately after picking one up, I had to buy a small pile of them. One for my desk, one for my partner's desk, one to travel with, and a few to gift. They're somehow a fidget toy, a thinking and pondering tool, and a meditating and relaxing instrument all in one. Perfect for your desk when you need to get your fingers off the keyboard and just have a moment to relax and ponder. Perfect for that plant meditation circle when you need to get yourself in (or out) of your body. Especially enjoyable is slotting your fingers between the magnetic force, keeping the two components suspended and defying gravity. And we can't forget the soothing, hypnotic, sound of the magnet gliding across the surface, which delights the inner ASMR-enthusiast. The only thing you'll regret about your first purchase is that you didn't buy more than one.    -A.

We absolutely love our magnetic fidget toy! It stays on our coffee table at all times and gets used almost every day by me, my husband, curious guests and even our cats show a lot of interest while we’re playing with it! The wood exterior is satisfying to hold; and flicking, shaking and spinning the magnetic chip around never gets old!    -R.

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