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The Hank Spinner by Hank Built: A beautifully handcrafted wooden fidget spinner, showcasing superior craftsmanship and design. Ideal for those seeking the best wooden spinner fidget experience and wooden toys enthusiasts

The goal of Hank Built LLC is to take an everyday plastic item and make it out of wood, while also incorporating an artistic touch. By creating items out of wood, they will be sustainable products that can be enjoyed for many years to come. All of the items are finished with clear food safe sealer. Hank Built is owned by Aaron Henry, a licensed journeyman electrician with a bachelors in physics. In a few weeks he will receive a masters in clinical mental health, counseling education and has been building items for the last 20 years. He enjoys using his mind to create an idea and turn it into reality. During the pandemic Aaron started making wooden toys in his garage. As his woodworking skills improved, he decided to start Hank Built LLC. He uses many exotic woods to bring natural color into his pieces and does not use stains to alter the natural color of the wood. By keeping the natural colors, Aaron hopes to bring an appreciation to the variety of life that exists in nature. Aaron’s favorite species to work with are purple heart and yellow heart from South America as well as wenge and padauk from Africa. Please take a moment to check out the website. Feedback is much appreciated and used to better meet the needs of the customers.

We are excited to announce the Hank Spinner has received a $3000 grant from the Sammons Center for Innovation and Research in Occupation Based Technology. With this money we will be donating 75 units to the Resiliency Center located here in Kalamazoo. Children coming for assessment will be able to use the device throughout the assessment and then take them home at the end. We are very excited about this new opportunity!


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